Graphine Carbon

High modulus carbon fiber graphene rims (Toray T700, T800 and T1000) Graphene carbon fiber is 225% stronger & 184% stiffer than conventionally PAN-Based carbon fibers

High quality bonded TG resin means that braking with Black Marlin's PRO rims are maintained high heat up to temperatures of 260deg C. 

Ceramic bearings!

High quality Ceramic bearings are customized in our BM Hubs!

UCI Approved!

UCI Tested and approved list with a 10 Year multiuser warranty.

Podium results!

Our wheels are been on national champions podiums ridden across MTB, road, triathlon.

Rolling Fast!

Our areo 88c are a super choice for time trialing!

Fast and Flash!

Our BM 5 spoke have caused quite alot of conversation!


been enjoying the Black Marlin mtb wheel set with the low profile design that
distributes impact better and the strong inner wall that provides strength and
stability on the wheel.

been great to ride the wheels all over the country and testing it out on the
different types of terrain our country has to offer and thus far it’s been able
to take whatever the courses has thrown at it.”

Black Marlin Wheels have continued to impress me
on both the road and mountain bike. Correctly balancing stiffness and
lightweight technology to create a competitive, fast-rolling and responsive

really loved my Black marlin wheels on my MTB , Road Bike and Gravel Bike, the
6 spoke wheels on the MTB takes some getting use to but they are amazingly
stiff and responsive and just something no one else has so it definitely turns
some heads. On the road and Gravel bike the wheels roll amazing and I really
enjoy them!  

recently had an encounter with a Cow at Sani2C hitting it at relatively heigh
speed and the wheels are still straight as an arrow and rolling fast so I think
that counts as a good strength test that the wheels passed with flying colours!
Other than that the wheels are really good looking , fast rolling and light
what else would you want in a set of wheels?!