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Black Marlin Fast Wheel Warranty Policy

We recommend checking the product carefully before purchasing from your dealer.

1) If you receive the package and find that the packaging is damaged, inspect the rims or wheels carefully for damage. If there is no damage, then it is okay to sign for the product.

However, if there is damage you need to report this on the delivery slip or, alternatively, refuse the shipment and it will be returned back to Black Marlin Distribution (hereafter refer to as BM ). BM will re-arrange shipment within 10 business days after receiving the returned package.
If you sign for the package and do not report any damage then there is no recourse we can have against the delivery company and, unfortunately, you would be responsible for purchasing any replacement product.

2) If you receive the package and the carton is in good condition, but the product is significantly damaged during shipment, please contact us within 7 days after signing and keep the original waybill, packing boxes etc. The return request needs to be made by customers. The shipping express company will provide customer compensation number. Please inform us of the compensation number for delivery tracking.

Warranty Period Time
Black Marlin Fast Rim carry a 10 year factory warranty from date of purchase ,

Please fill out the link below to register your product!

Warranty Statement:
For rims, BM provides you with a warranty period of 10 years from date of purchase, you must register your wheel set or rims within 7 days of purchase. NO Registration NO warranty!

If any manufacturing defect occurs within 30 days, BM is obligated to replace the rim(s) and also pay for the shipping cost. If any manufacturing defect occurs within 31 days to 12 months, BM is obligated to replace the rim(s), and customer would be responsible for the shipping cost & rebuilding of rim or wheel .

Warranty does not cover:
a). Improper assembly, maintenance, or maintenance by an unauthorized technician.
b). Installation of parts or accessories or tires that are not originally intended for, or compatible with, the rims or wheels as sold.
c). Damage or failures caused by a crash, accidental damaged, abuse of the product, incorrect tire pressure, damaging rim with tubeless conversions,  heat damage (typically caused by the wheel sitting too close to vehicle exhaust), non-compliance with manufacture specifications of usage or any other fractious reasons.
d). The strongest spokes that can be used on our rims are double butted 2/1.8/2mm. Straight gauge 2mm straight gauge spokes are not allowed to be used on our rims or there is no warranty (they are too stiff to use with carbon rims).
e). Spokes, nipples, or wheel building issues if the wheels were NOT built by BM or recommended by BM.
f). Normal wear and tear (Spokes, nipples, pawls, bearings, rim tape etc.)

Crash Replacement Policy
In case of accidental or intentional abuse (casing a big jump or drop, crashing, even over your rim or wheel, or any other type of damage to your wheel or rim), we offer a crash replacement policy that gives you the following discount on BM rims and wheels. Please note that you are still responsible for the shipping costs and rebuilding.

Rims/wheels/ Crash Replacement with 20% discount

Special Notes for Warranty and Crash Replacement Policy:
1.The Warranty program is transferable , the new owner will have to re-register.
2. Any problem found on the warranty replacement product should be claimed within 7 days after the replacement is received, otherwise it will be viewed as settled. The warranty period applies to the original order and does not get reset with a replacement f/wheel/rim.
3. The warranty and crash replacement policy are stipulated here for all /wheels/rims unless stated on the product page on our website.